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I love sharing my passion for customer experience, marketing and voice of customer with others. Speaking is a tremendous opportunity, not only to share new ideas with a new audience, but also to facilitate conversations between audience members that drive positive action.

I understand that it’s hard to find a quality speaker. This page is designed to share more about me, what my key speaking topics are, and to help arm you with the right information to decide if this would be a good fit for your event.

About Me

I believe that the best companies in the world are those that provide a remarkable experience to their customers and employees, and that having a superb Voice of Customer (VOC) strategy is key to driving organic growth and employee retention.

I’ve spoken at events large and small, and reached hundreds of audience members with new ideas. I’ve even conducted live, onstage customer focus groups in front of C-level audiences, managing and guiding the conversation with no coaching or guidance given to the customers beforehand. No matter what your event size or audience is, if the topic aligns with my areas of expertise, please get in touch! It would be great to speak with you.

Common Speaking Topics

Customer Experience (CX) Improvement - What is the bottom-line Impact?

“Putting Customers First” is something that sounds great in theory, but if you’re presenting to your CFO you need to know the actual dollar value of Customer Experience (CX) improvement. This talk will cover topics like:

– The theory of Customer Experience and how it creates value
– Basics about how to measure Customer Experience, and how it doesn’t have to be expensive!
– How to place an actual dollar value on Customer Experience improvement

Why Every Company Needs a Basic Voice of Customer (VOC) Program

No matter what size your organization or company is, or what industry you are in, you absolutely have to have a Voice of Customer program. How can I be so confident? Because it always, without fail, adds value. From solo entrepreneurs all the way up to multi-billion-dollar companies, Voice of Customer (VOC) is essential to creating sustainable competitive advantage. Topics in this talk include:

– What basic areas are covered in every Voice of Customer program
– How to approach creating a VOC program based on the size of your company and customer base
– What are the 3 primary options for a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) and which one you should choose

In The Trenches - How to Actually Create "Customer-First" Change

High-level VOC and CX strategy is all well and good, but what about when the “rubber meets the road”? How do you actually take the insights customers are telling you, and apply them to improve your organization? This talk will cover topics such as:

– How to create the willingness to change in your organization
– Should you incentivize customer satisfaction score results?
– What are the best Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to track? How do you know when you’re making progress?